New concert dates – Concerts in Canada, United States and Holland

Today the new Laïs concert agenda was revealed. Apart from a concert tour in Holland during December and January there’s also an extensive visit to Canada and the United States. A short tour in Spain – eventually planned for the end of July – still has to be confirmed.

20000502_website1July – Canada & The United States
The month of July undoubtedly seems to become very important for the most succesful Flemish folkrock trio ever. Only rumours at the beginning of the year, but now confirmed by Bieke Purnelle, the Laïs-manager: eleven concerts in Canada (Winnipeg, Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary) on the schedule. Inbetween there are a few visits to the United States (o.a. New York) to smell some American air.
It’s gonna be a “hell of a job” to conquer the American continent. One concert Tour won’t be enough to reach this aim, because Canada and the States are both vast countries. Many other groups tried to succeed but failed.
But talent and perseverance are two of the many talents of Annelies, Jorunn en Nathalie. They showed both qualities during the last sixteen month, by doing many excellent concerts in Belgium and abroad (France, Spain, Holland).

Just like in 1999, there are a few festivals on the concert list this summer. Hilvarenbeek, Pinkpop, T/W, Strasbourg and Eindhoven were already known . Lokeren and Spijkenisse are aded to the list. Furthermore the group does a few Italian concerts at the beginning of August. A short tour in Spain – planned for the end of July – has to be confirmed. Rather hectic summer months.

Touring in Holland
During December and January Laïs will be touring in Holland. Sixteen concerts are booked already. This tour is meant to promote their second CD due to be released in October 2000.

Marcel Thijskens
© Photo Gerard Scargo

Laïs Website, May 2 2000


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