Pinkpop sold out!

Landgraaf – Six weeks before the start of the Pinkpopfestival in Holland, (nearly) all tickets are sold.Only on the Pinkpop Website you can buy a few tickets on line. If you want to see it live, you have to be very quick. Laïs appears on Sunday.

20000515_website1It’s the first time the Dutch festival has been sold out so quickly. Manager Jan Smeets: «There are three groups of people who buy Pinkpop tickets: the real die hards who, even if we would let a fart, lie down in the grass and are the first to buy a ticket. The second group are the critical countdown listeners. On the base of the artists list they decide to buy a card. The third group waits for the second one. At the moment the second group started to buy tickets like hell, the third group went into panic and ran for tickets as well. The Festival has been sold out, with a minimum of publicity. It’s a pity that there will be a lot less Belgians and Germans lying down in the Pinkpop grass.»

© CRu

13.45-14.30 Laïs
15.15-15.35 Spookrijders
15.35-16.00 Def Rhymz
16.45-17.45 Moloko
18.30-19.45 Laurent Garnier
20.30-21.30 Junkie XL

13.00-13.45 Andreas Johnson
14.15-15.15 Tracy Bonham
16.00-17.00 Novastar
17.45-18.30 Krezip
19.30-20.30 Guano Apes
21.30-22.30 16 Horsepower

Het Belang van Limburg, May 15 2000


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