BUSCEMI-REMIX “Dorothea” – Released on Vinyl

Especially for vinyl lovers and loungers: the Buscemi remix of the “Dorothea” song has been released on vinyl. You can order or buy a vinyl copy at the usual specialised stores.
Title of the 12″: “Buscemi – Tres Lounge Remixes”. It has three songs: “Crystal Frontier” (Calexico), “Face Down” (Airlock) and “Dorothea” (Laïs).
Total amount : 1.600 copies. Distributed by Downsall Plastics (subdivision of Lowlands). If you need more info, you can send an email to info@lowlands.be. You can also visit the lowlands website.
The “Buscemi-remix” can be ordered in every music shop (eg. FNAC).


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