Min Morfar – Lyrics and translation – Johanna Salovaara

During their appearance at Winterfolk 1999 the Laïs ladies announced they were looking for the Dutch translation of “Min Morfar”. Ann Willems recently sent us another translation of “Min Morfar” on July 16th 2001.


My grandfather had an old coat
Which is of boar´s hair woven
And when he danced like the worst of all
Took he the girl in his hands

Red roses are so sweet
Beautiful girls are so lovable
Especially when a man gets the one he wants
Then there is joy in living

There is a tree in my fathers garden
Which has special branches growing
One branch embraces the other
And here I stand alone

The song ‘Min Morfar’ appears on ‘Laïs’, the first Laïs cd.
‘Laïs’ was released November 1998 on Alea (WBM 21005)
More details about ‘Laïs’ on the discography page.

MIN MORFAR – Explanation by the translator

Last week I was reading some translations of the Laïs lyrics. ‘Min Morfar’ is one of my all time favourites, so I read it with some more attention. Up to me the English translation lacked poetry and a few things weren’t correct.

So I asked an interpreter Swedish-English to gave it another try. And her version sounds, in my ears, more authentic and more correctly.

Funny how much difference there can be between translations.

Ann Willems

Laïs Website, July 16 2001


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